Yes to ADU


The basic unit of space is the massing module.  These are conceptual blocks which are tailored to individual need with the addition of accessories.


Accessories are picked according to individual tastes and needs.  They give personality and usefulness to the basic modules.


There really are an infinite variety of combinations.  Here are just twelve possibilities out of a possible 320 trillion ways to combine accessories, and make a unique statement.


With little information given about the type of occupant it became important to design a system instead of design a dwelling.  A system whereby any occupant can be accommodated according to their own unique needs and wishes.

So, we start with a basic building block and then add accessories.  Accessorize according to individual taste and lifestyle, instead of sacrificing one’s own lifestyle to fit into the pre-existing parameters of a fully designed unit.

The combination of basic building blocks and accessories can produce a building that is useful to a diverse range of people and their interests.  From bird watchers to the energy conscious – or both.


One of the accessories that slots into the basic building volumes consist of structural posts that allow the dwelling unit to lifted off the ground.  The advantage of elevating the dwelling is to free up valuable yard space under the dwelling, so this space can be used for parking, gardening or outdoor living space.  

Providing vertical access also improves the views and the amount of natural light and lets the dwelling adapt to unpredictable existing conditions.  To demonstrate this adaptability, we have shown the dwelling in each of the four competition site plans.

While the adaptability is an excellent attribute, it is the elevated living experience that really adds to the quality of life.


The facade material is 100% recycled plastic packaging from Smile Plastics and it comes in a handful of colors and textures.  We are showing this material in blue and black color options.

At the interior walls, the structural, insulation and finish materials are combined into one system which works like a Structural Insulated Panel.  These panels can be factory assembled into panel and the panels can be erected and fastened on-site.