Accordion Tower

Solar gain is always an acute issue with office towers and is difficult to mitigate. The purpose of the folding façade is to make the building as efficient as possible but simultaneously exposing parts of the building to maximum sunlight for solar collection while also shading parts of the building to reduce solar gain.  The tilt of the building also assists in helping shade critical glass exposure to the Southern sun – which is especially useful in very sunny zones.  The benefit of solar collection is that annual utility costs are minimized which - combined with reduced solar gain - further helps with annual energy efficiencies.

The composition of building functions – from retail areas to offices and residential is to make the building as self-sufficient as possible with ‘mingled program’.  The goal is that the building operates as autonomously as possible with energy use and also travel to and from the building.  There is a park area at the base of the tower for residents to enjoy without having to travel far or use a vehicle.  There are also rooftop amenities that achieve the same.  Combining office, residential and retail helps minimize trips.

Floor plans are designed to allow maximum natural light to enter the inner core of the building.  The floor plan of the residential level is the best example of this because it adopts a radial floor plan.  The goal of this plan is to let natural light be the predominant light source without having to rely on artificial lighting.  Natural light is also very important to the levels that contain vegetation and open floor plates let light and air penetrate deep into the core of the building.  The trees on this level are also used to scrub the air and replenish oxygen levels and maintain even levels of humidity.

The location of mechanical functions on independent layers of the building separates thesefunctions from usable floor areas and allows even more free use of the occupied floor levels.