Eagle Rock

This is a new 59 unit apartment building with a total of 77,000 sq.ft.

The construction is all wood frame with a stucco finish.  What is unique about the design is the inclusion of covered private balconies which will give each unit private outdoor space - even on the upper levels of the building.

The parking level is semi-submerged and there will be retail shops on this lower level at the street.

The perforated façade is designed to also provide shading and will ‘animate’ the building as the sun tracks across the sky.  The origins for this concept is the local ‘eagle rock’ where the shape on an eagle is apparent at certain time of the day due to the eagle of the sun.  In the same way the eagle appears and disappears, the patterns across the façade will exhibit the same ephemerality.

Date of completion: Not started

Location: Eagle Rock, Los Angeles

Lot Area: approx. 35,000 sq.ft

Building Area: 77,000 sq.ft

Four story building, wood frame over concrete parking deck.

Building footprint: approx 68,000 sq.ft

Method of construction: Concrete foundation and walls (parking level), wood frame above.