NAME: The Fold
LOCATION: Alta Dena, California

Located on a very steep lot in San Gabriel mountain range the topography of the new house follows exactly the topography of the natural terrain.

The interior levels of the house step down the hillside to create a multi-level dwelling that mimics the steep and stepping hillside.

The entire structure folds around an existing protected tree and so the concept of folding is applied to the design of the exterior envelope, and the envelope is covered in a dark metal to blend into the surroundings.

Since the roof line folds and follows the existing slope of the hillside the ceiling inside the house becomes a faceted inverted terrain.

Date of completion: not started

Location: Alta Dena, Los Angeles

Lot Area: approx. 43,000 sq.ft

Building Area: 1,800 sq.ft

Single story building cantilevered structure

Building footprint: approx 1,400 sq.ft

Method of construction: Concrete pile foundation and stem walls, combination wood frame and cast in place concrete walls and floors. Standing seam steel roofing and siding.


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