NAME: Project Jura
LOCATION: Saignelégier, Switzerland

In June 2014 a group of international offices were brought together by Wallpaper* magazine selected for the Wallpaper* Directory 2014, the magazine's "finely tuned index of the world's best young talent".

Project Jura is an initiative to bring together 9 studios at one location for an experimental participatory workshop, to collaborate on the creation of a unique wilderness accommodation resort.

6 individual cabins, each one a unique design from a different studio or team and an outcome of the group's creative collaboration.

The offices involved in the workshop are Dubail/Begert (CH), LoT (GR), BXBstudio (PL), Haberstroh Architekten (CH), Arquitectos Matos (P), Knowspace (DE), Architectural Farm (IRL), Loïc Picquet Atelier Architectes (FR), Anonymous (USA).

June 3 - June 8, 2015 Saignelégier, Switzerland


Date of completion: Expected 2017

Building Area: 6 cabins at approx. 30 sq.m each = 180 sq.m total. (18,000 sq.ft)

Method of construction: varies.


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