NAME:Desert House
LOCATION:El Mirage, California

This house is located in a very harsh desert environment and will be constructed by combining two separate methods.

1) pre fabricated elements
Constructed off site in factory conditions to achieve
close tolerances and a high level of finish.
Each pre fabricated wall element will contain all the
necessary plumbing and electrical services plus any
additional mechanical options such as air conditioning. These are the two interior walls between the outer bedrooms and the living room.

2) site built elements
Outer walls are exposed to the elements and should be low mass with excellent insulation values.
Possible materials include PUIR insulated concrete
panels, straw bale, or common wood stud framing


Interior Environment

Hydronic thermal transfer
Typically water is used in the sub floor to heat, however it also offers excellent cooling properties & can be ducted through the exterior walls which face the sun.
This heated water can be used to pre-heat potable water in a thermal exchange unit or stored for night use and circulated under the floor for heating at night time.

Forced Induction Roofing
The roof consists of a double layer and acts fairly
similarly to an intercooler on a automobile turbo.
By capturing the wind and creating high/ low air
pressure differentials the heat that builds up in the
roof is carried away by the air which is forced through the channels in the roof.



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